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Oxyfresh Personal and Home Care products leave your home and everyone you care about feeling clean, fresh-smelling and healthy. The non-toxic, environmentally friendly formulas offer true cleaning value, anti-bacterial protection and are your best defense against germs and odors.

For decades, Oxyfresh has sold premium products that are used and loved by people around the world. It began with a professional grade mouthrinse sold in creamer-sized "unidose" cups. As demand for Oxyfresh products contunued to grow, we responded by expanding our inventory.

Today, Oxyfresh has four product lines boasting more than 60 exclusive products that promote optimum health and wellness for people and their pets. If you haven't tried all of our products, we invite you to discover what you're missing.

Hands down, Oxyfresh’s exclusive Skin Barrier® is the ultimate skin protector. It creates a soft and smooth – yet incredibly powerful – invisible layer of protection for your skin. With eight barrier ingredients that protect and moisturize, Skin Barrier® provides healing for dry, cracked and sensitive skin.

Health professionals love this product because it wards o allergic reactions associated with prolonged use of latex gloves. Auto mechanics, gardeners, cooks, beauty salon operators and daycare workers insist on the protection of Skin Barrier®. With so many uses, Skin Barrier® is one of the easiest Oxyfresh products to recommend and market.

Endless Uses
●  Locks in moisture, protecting skin that is washed frequently.
●  Protects hands from chemicals and organic matter.
●  Shields hands and arms from onion, garlic, fish and other foods with lingering smells.
●  Extends the life of sunscreen.
●  Helps treat bacterial wounds and prevent diaper rash.
●  Protects against poison ivy.
●  Locks in moisture during harsh/dry weather.

Oxyfresh Multi Gel is an extremely versatile topical gel that cleanses, soothes, deodorizes and helps heal irritated, sore or infected tissue on the body or in the mouth. Oxyfresh multi Gel is used clinically in the treatment of periodontal disease, acute moist dermatitis (hot spots), lick granulomas, clipper burns, irritated ears, irritated suture lines and infected or irritated anal glands.

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