Indee's Water-based Cleaner

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Indee’s® Pure Origin Technology was developed in Switzerland in the Indee’s® AG laboratory. It transforms water (aqua purificata) into an extremely efficient cleaning solution, the revolutionary water-based antibacterial general purpose cleaner. Indee’s® products can be used at home, industry and the medical world. They are completely safe for the environment and human use, as they are completely free from chemicals and tensides.

Water carries the information of nature and life. This information is deposited in so-called water-clusters. Nowadays these depots are overfilled with the poisons of our civilization and cannot absorb any more information (such as, for example, dirt).

This is exactly where Indee’s® Pure Origin Technology comes in. With this technology, surplus information is removed from the water. The reservoirs are emptied; the water becomes quasi information-free and is thus able to absorb displaced information - meaning dirt - again.

In a complicated process, the water is treated in such a way that its molecular structure is rearranged.
1. Distillation of water: water from the domestic main systems is being distilled twice that making it “aqua purificata”.
2. Cetrifugation: The water is being run on a centrifuge in various dimensions at modified temperatures for up to 1 week.
3. Exposed with photons: The purified water is transformed by photon emissions.

Since the discovery of quantum physics, at the latest, it has been acknowledged that light particles, so-called photons, can be used to “inform”. Indee’s® Pure Origin Technology uses this knowledge to alter the photon structure of the water. This is done in such a way that the energetic state of the water molecules becomes “free from information“, and so a significantly higher storage capacity is available for the absorption of electrostatic energy, that is dirt.

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