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AquaCoolkeeper GmbH is manufacturer of the leading Aqua Coolkeeper™ cooling products for pets and people. AquaCoolkeeper likes to be cool. With own designers team we develop the variety of cooling products in many kinds of types and designs.

Protect yourself and your pet against overheating: Aqua CoolKeeper™ products with HydroQuartz™ keep people and animals cool all day long! Instant cooling, wherever and whenever you need it! Whether you are hiking, sporting, working or just relaxing, Aqua Coolkeeper™ provides your body with instant cooling. The only thing you need to activate it is water!

❄  How does Aqua Coolkeeper™ keep your body cool?
When you put Aqua Coolkeeper™ in water, the specially developed HydroQuartz™ inside the product will activate and form an active cooling gel. This HydroQuartz™ cooling gel absorbs your bodyheat and releases this heat through the process of evaporation. This allows an instant and continuous cooling to take place. Aqua Coolkeeper™ stays cool up to 5 days!

❄  Reusable and washable
Aqua Coolkeeper™ is reusable over and over again. A quick hand wash with a mild soap in cold or warm water and Aqua Coolkeeper™ is as good as new!

❄  No freezer or refrigerator needed
Put your Aqua Coolkeeper™ in cold water and it will be ready to cool your body in minutes!

❄  Safety tested in German laboratories
Aqua Coolkeeper™ is a safe and non-toxic product. Laboratory testing reports available at

❄  Not tested on animals

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