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Go-long Enzyme manufacturing process is based on enzyme biotechnology techniques, with a variety of selected Taiwan high-quality fruits, such as pineapple, papaya, plums, grapes, Noni fruits, processed 180 days of fermentation and ripening. No any artificial flavors and colors, only high active pure fruit nano-enzymes, which subtle molecule are easily absorbed in organism, that makes it an excellent modern health diet supplement. Before the alcohol gets into liver, the enzymes will intercept it, decompose, and run off the body directly through the gastrointestinal tract, so it helps effectively protect the liver and stomach, play decelerate wine and protect liver role. While enzymes can quickly decompose alcohol, it prevent brain and internal organs paralyze, avoid severe hangovers, headaches and other unease, bring you the relaxed, good mood. How the "Go-long" drink can relieve discomfort? ● "Go-long" is natural enzyme, not a wine decompose agent. ● "Go-long" is manufactured under nano-technology. It can be directly absorbed to effect its functions. ● "Go-long" can promote cell metabolism, and relieve discomfort of drunk. ● "Go-long" is non-chemical product, it won’t cause burden to liver.

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  • Item Nr.: W9E4045
  • Volume: 50ml
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