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Byopet Hand Sanitizer (8h) 50ml pump foamer. After touching pet, or when came from outside, or before going outside, or while doing some dirty work - it surely keeps protecting your hands from infections or germs. Take it with you - it's a travel size!
Byopet brand is another export name of Byotrol that is developed and manufactured in UK. By it feature the fluid belongs to sanitizers family - the very strong and long lasting ones. Using its special micro-bio-technology Amphicelle™ Byopet removes bacteria causing unpleasant smell of humans, animals etc. Byopet effectively kills harmful bacteria, such as:

  Avian flu, Swine flu H1N1,
  Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA),
  Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus (VRE),
  Escherichia coli,
  Pseudomonas aeruginosa,
  Aspergillus niger, and many many other types of malicious infection, fungis, viruses.

Byopet efficiency is based on cationic biocides & hydrofobic polymers which are commonly used under European registration. The uniqueness of the technology is in the structurization of the individual components of biocides in a colloidal suspension. We called this structure an Amphicelle. In liquid suspension the multi-molecular nature of the Amphicelle creates a concentrated biocidal dose on a contact with planktonic microbes. On drying Ampicelles form a surface of uniform distribution nodes of biocides with overlapping zones of inhibition. Due to the large molecule (polymer elements that form part of Amphicelle), the biocide components are held in situ in a stable state, giving excellent residual efficacy after drying. You only need to squeeze out the disinfectant portion onto your palms and you get the long lasting strong antibacterial effect.

Contrary to alcohol or bleach containing cleansers that stop antibacterial effect when dried, Byopet keeps protection layer up to 8(!) hours after dried. It helps to save efforts, save the stuff itself, and achieve long-lasting reliable protection same time against infections and against bad smell. The fluid doesn't content any harsh chemicals, corrosives, alcohol etc., and so it's completely harmless for children, animals, environment and everything!

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  • Item Nr.: BP47258
  • Volume: 50ml
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